Laughter Yoga Coaching

Would you like to have a good laugh in spite of every thing that’s going on?

Practice Laughter Yoga with me!
Are you wanting to workout, self heal and raise your level of consciousness, but are too wrapped up in day to day life?
Well Laughter Yoga is exercise, therapeutic and a new approach to life I recommend you just call me at 00 351 917 681 675

We will have a little laugh while we plan when we could set up a session.
My name is Joanne but most people know me as Ana Banana. So it’s up to you what you choose to call me.
I am the founder of Laughter Yoga in Portugal, a Hospital Clown, author and editor. I also organize group sessions online.

Are you already a Laughter Yoga Leader or Leader Yoga Teacher and want to stay active, but need more help?

I have been doing this since 2004, so I really can help you learn how to create Laughter Yoga sessions, and other dynamics to complement a session, attract clients, learn communication techniques to feel comfortable and loose your stage fright.

What will happen during our sessions?

In a “One off session” you just pick a topic, something that is bothering you and we will work through it with laughter exercises, breathing techniques, singing and playing, dynamic cathartic meditation, relaxation and just un-burdening your soul.

I have a God Given Gift to cheer people up or at the very least be a there for you while you just let it all go.
I hope to help you to regain your natural ability to just laugh when you most need to.

In a “8 week course” you would become fully equipped to use laughter to your best advantage and offer this service if you like. It would be one hour a week, just you and me online and then I would call you every day for five minutes and set weekly tasks. Laughter Yoga doesn’t replace normal daily laughter and we won’t use it to swallow emotions or repress crying. Crying is part of Laughing Yoga. Laughter Yoga opens the floodgates. It’s synonymous with Unclogging the Soul. It’s an opportunity to allow yourself to feel the full extent of what you are experiencing, in a safe environment.

In a way, we are strengthening our laughter so when humor happens we really laugh out loud and not just mentally. It also means you will begin to find a lot more things funny and lighten up a ton.

We will use four basic techniques: Body rhythms, deep breathing, playfulness and Laughter Yoga exercises.

Who is this Laughter Yoga Coaching Training for?

a) People stuck at home who need a good laugh or want to become a Laughter Coach for others.

b) Slightly introverted people c) Anyone who feels lonely

d) Facing a disease and needs a courage “pick me up”

e) Stressed out and has no time to take care of it.

f) People in important positions who need a more intimate support.

g) People with mobility difficulties and / or is very isolated

What this session or full course will bring to your life:

a) More Laughter

b) Be a happier person

c) Improve your quality of life

d) Increase your sense of humor

e) Gain new communication skills

f) It will increase your Emotional Intelligence and serenity

g) More self-confident, courageous

h) It will help your  performance in your profession and aid you in becoming a good public speaker

i) It will decrease your nervousness

j) Nurture a healthy state of mind

k) Open up possibilities for a rewording social life and good friendships

l) Strengthen your ability to overcome challenges

Laughter Yoga brings immense health benefits.

Benefits of Laughter: At the physical level:

1. Increases blood oxygenation and decreases blood carbon dioxide levels;

2. Stimulates the production of β-endorphins (produce relaxation, a feeling of pleasure, euphoria and well-being and inhibit the center of pain) and melatonin in breast milk (relaxation and protective effect of eczema-like psychosomatic effects)

3. Reduces the levels of stress hormones – cortisol, epinephrine, norepinephrine and dopac (dopamine major catabolite);

4. Decreases blood pressure – 10 minutes of laughter decreases the TA between 10 to 20 mm Hg;

5. Strengthens the immune system (increased salivary IgA; increased NK cells; increased growth hormone)

6. Decreases inflammatory response (attenuates cytokines and hs-CRP) and anti-aging (removes superoxides – free radicals)

7. Regulates lipid metabolism (increases HDL cholesterol levels – protective effect);

8. Recommended as an adjunct to diabetes therapy;

9. Mitigates the risk of possible Cardiovascular Disease (through the mechanisms described above and cardiac muscle relaxation) and Atherosclerosis;

10. Improves the respiratory system (increased lung expansion – through yoga breathing exercises)

11. Increases physical endurance;

12. Regulates weight (10 minutes of laughter burns 50 calories);

13. Increases life expectancy and the survival rate in various chronic diseases (between 35 to 70%).

Note: increased levels of endorphins in the blood last 12 to 24 hours after a laughing session.

Benefits of Laughter: At a Psychological Level

1. Increases creativity and learning

2. Increases self-esteem

3. Lower anxiety and distress

4. Transmute negative emotions into positive ones

5. Help in treating depression

6. Restores energy in general

7. Favours libido:)

Joy is the healthiest and most evolved state of being!

Contact your Coach:

Joanne R. Gribler (Ana Banana)


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