Show: The Power of Your Magic



The Power of Your Magic

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This performance can happen on zoom at your venue or at our Fairy Garden! It lasts approximately 40 minutes and is a story told with puppets, an exhibition of original paintings, songs and accompanied by harp. 

Synopsis of the play:
This show seeks to safeguard the natural state of childhood joy. Let us remind our little heroes that the greatest power that children have and that benefits all humanity, is the constant reminder of being in the “Here and Now”, where everything weighs less and there is even reason to celebrate life.
We try to encourage children, who are spending more time at home, to leave screens aside, protect and strengthen their health, playing and having fun in Nature.
Our desire is to help children understand that even if they cannot be with their friends, unity is strength, and in the heart of each child, there is the ability to connect with everyone and feel that power.
Finally, as there is a fertile field for the onset of strong emotions such as anger, sadness and fear, we offer a playful form of  emotional management.
The performance consists of two Fairy Godmothers narrating the story: Harmony and Joy (Ana PAS and Ana Banana) who invite children to embark on an adventure with an elf and a fairy from Australia (puppets), who seek the wisdom we all need at this moment .
On this trip, they visit the most powerful fairies and elves from the remaining four continents. Each visit reveals a fairy or elf, some wise words and a magic painting with the theme of that particular pearl of wisdom, the fairy or elf wish to impart. Each of the four visits culminates in a song with gestures, sung by The Fairy Godmother Joy and accompanied by harp music, played by  The Fairy Godmother  Harmonia. Then the fairy and elf continue their journey to the new continent.
Joyful, funny, magical and so interactive.
Looking forward to singing, dancing and laughing with all of you on the 7th of February.

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7 Feb 2021 – 4pm – in English